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Franchise Opportunities Alberta
Franchise Opportunities Saskatchewan
Restaurant Franchise Opportunity - Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada
Restaurant Franchise Opportunity - Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
Restaurant Franchise Opportunity - Whitecourt, Alberta, Canada
Franchise Opportunities Ontario

Franchise Opportunities Alberta

The Opportunity

Humpty's Family Restaurants has been operating for nearly 35 years and keeps expanding its operation throughout the province of Alberta.  We are currently seeking business partners/franchise owners for restaurant business opportunites in Red Deer, Alberta, Grande Prairie, Alberta and Whitecourt, Alberta.  Always dreamed of owning your own business, well Humpty's Restaurants has an opportunity for you.  Whether you are first time business person, experienced franchise owner or a franchise recruiter, we want to hear from you.
We are also actively seeking business partners/franchise owners for other urban and rural communities in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.  This includes new franchise locations or contact us directly to inquire of any current restaurant and/or business for sale.

About Alberta, Canada
Alberta is the fourth largest province after Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia. Alberta's capital city, Edmonton, is located approximately in the geographic centre of the province. It is the most northerly major city in Canada, and serves as a gateway and hub for resource development in northern Canada. The region, with its proximity to Canada's largest oil fields, has most of western Canada's oil refinery capacity. 
Did you know that:  
  • Alberta had an estimated population of 3.7 million in 2010.
  • Alberta’s 75% of its population lives in the Calgary–Edmonton Corridor.
  • Approximately 81% of Alberta’s population lives in urban areas and only about 19% live in rural areas.
  • Alberta's economy is one of the strongest in Canada, supported by the burgeoning petroleum industry and to a lesser extent, agriculture and technology.
  • The per capita GDP in 2007 was by far the highest of any province in Canada at C$74,825.
  • Alberta is the largest producer of conventional crude oil, synthetic crude, natural gas and gas products in the country.
  • The province has over three million head of cattle and Alberta beef has a healthy worldwide market.
  • Wheat and canola are primary farm crops, with Alberta leading the provinces in spring wheat production.
  • According to Alberta Economic Development, Calgary and Edmonton both host over four million visitors annually.
  • Albertans are the lowest-taxed people in Canada, and Alberta is the only province in Canada without a provincial sales tax.
  • Alberta has the best funded health care system per-capita in Canada.

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