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At Humpty’s, we pride ourselves on giving customers Everything They Expect And More – and our goal is to make sure that we get this message out to as many people as possible. Throughout the year, Humpty’s promotes a number of different ongoing, seasonal, community and event specific advertising and marketing campaigns that are supported by national, regional and local media programs. Each campaign is slightly different, from charitable events with The Make-A-Wish Foundation and menu awareness programs to coupon campaigns and special promotions for kid’s and seniors.

The cornerstone of the national advertising program is the Humpty’s menu. The menu truly is Everything You Expect And More with a wide variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner items served throughout all hours of operation. Throughout the year, the national advertising program promotes various menu items and features through a unique mix of creative radio, interactive and print advertising. This menu awareness program is important each year to highlight new additions to the menu and other subtle menu changes. The goal is always to let people know that Humpty’s is Everything They Expect and More – Breakfast Time, Lunch Time and Dinner Time!

The national advertising program is designed each year based on the comments of franchisees themselves. This input, along with some creative and practical thought, guides the development of the Humpty’s advertising program from year to year. In addition to the national program, franchisees are also encouraged to market their locations in their communities. We take great pride in the fact that many of our Humpty’s locations play an active role in sponsorsing community groups and teams – many of these same stores also offer their customers other unique specials and menu offers throughout the year. In the end, the Humpty’s marketing program is about two very important things: Our Customers and Our Communities.