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Gourmet Burgers

Served with your choice of one of the following: fries, spicy fries, garden salad, Caesar or soup. BBQ sauce, a processed cheddar slice and a mound of crispy onion tanglers. Also available one size smaller. A unique meatless veggie patty topped with cheddar and sautéed mushrooms with salad dressing. Battered and breaded chicken breast, bacon and a processed cheddar slice with salad dressing. Charbroiled chicken breast with a Swiss slice, bacon and ranch dressing. Charbroiled chicken breast with ever crisp shrimp, sweet smoky chipotle sauce and spicy jalapeños. A crispy turkey schnitzel topped with cranberry sauce, our made in-house stuffing, lettuce, tomato and salad dressing. We serve a 6 oz premium charbroiled 100% Canadian beef patty. Mustard and relish are available on request. Cheddar, bacon and sautéed mushrooms. Mozza and sautéed mushrooms.