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Served with your choice of one of the following: potato fritters, savory diced hashbrowns, perogies, fruit or tomato slices A four egg omelette with your choice of two fillings: Cheddar, mozza, mushrooms, tomato, green onion, green pepper, guacamole, red onion, bacon or premium glazed ham. Also available one size smaller. Additional fillings are extra. Spinach, mushrooms, tomato and Swiss. Mixed Berries, banana, pineapple and creamy filling. Mexi sauce, Tex Mex ground beef, spicy jalapeños and cheddar. Shrimp, seafood blend, green onion and Hollandaise. The perfect combination of Tex Mex ground beef, cheddar, tomato and grilled red onion. We serve margarine. Butter is served upon request. Our omelettes are made with four fresh Canadian Grade A eggs and filled with your favorite ingredients. Served with Western toast.