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Are you a person that likes to work in a fast-paced environment with the public? Do you enjoy working along side others as a team? Do you take pride in the little things and enjoy the feeling you get after a job well done? If you are looking for an excellent work environment, friendly co-workers and great customers we’re the place you want to be. Experience is always an asset in any business however we place a great deal of importance on Attitude, Availability and Communication skills. If you would like to apply for a position at your local Humpty’s Family Restaurant or Humpty’s Classic Cafe location download a PDF version of our application and take it to your neighbourhood Humpty’s. Application Form Are you interested in becoming part of the Humpty’s Family Restaurants team? If so, here’s what we look for in potential employees: 1) Communication Skills: The ability to effectively communicate with other staff members and the customer is essential to success. 2) Ability & Work Skills: Although we have a full training program, you still must have a willingness to learn the Humpty’s system. 3) Personal & Social Attributes: Any potential employee must be outgoing and well kept. Employees are the face of Humpty’s in the restaurant. 4) Good Attitude: Any Humpty’s employee must display a positive mindset and be willing to learn from mistakes. 5) Accountability: Humpty’s employees must be responsible and be on time for all of their shifts. 6) Creative: Humpty’s employees should be creative. Some of our best management and marketing ideas have come from our employees. 7) Team Work Attitude: Humpty’s employees are part of a large family that needs to work together to maximize its potential. 8) People Person: And most importantly, our staff needs to be able to work well with others. If it sounds like you have these qualities, please download our application form (above) and drop it off at the Humpty’s restaurant you’re interested in working at.