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Welcome to the Humpty’s Ad Menu – your source for approved Humpty’s advertising materials. Simply browse the sections in the menu to see the different advertising pieces that have been approved for use by Humpty’s Head Office. If you are running an ad campaign, the following advertising materials have been approved by Humpty’s Restaurants International Inc. and are recommended for use in local store marketing initiatives. To use one of the following advertising materials, simply e-mail [email protected] and request the ad you would like to use in your market. An advertising representative from Humpty’s / Barking Spider will contact you to send you the ad you requested in the appropriate size and file format for the local store marketing initiative you are running.

Please NOTE that the Ad Menu contains ads that have been used in past years and we are currently in the process of reviewing all Ad Menu content to ensure that available ads are appropriate given current advertising efforts. Please also NOTE that pricing on all ads will need to be adjusted to reflect current prices. Any Breakfast Special ads will be changed to the current BYOB special, which is the only current approved Breakfast Special.  

Print Production FAQ’s

  1. Paper is a fluctuating commodity so the price does change on occasion. All quoted prices are subject to change but give an understanding of approximate costs for different projects.
  2. All quoted prices do not include applicable taxes or delivery. These costs will be over and above the noted prices.
  3. File handling charges may be applied when there is work to ready the files at the print house. These file charges would vary for each project and would be an additional cost.
  4. You can have more than one design for projects like coupons, guest cheque flyers and window posters. There will be additional file handling charges which will vary depending on the project.
  5. You can contact other franchise locations to take advantage of economies of scale (the more you purchase the cheaper things are). Talk with your Head Office representatives and they can help to connect you with others in your area.
  6. All projects under the PRINT category do not have quoted prices as these vary frequently in each market.

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