Franchise Info

Humpty’s Restaurants International Inc. (HRII) has developed restaurant concepts and operating systems that require lower levels of franchisee experience, fewer menu changes and less refurbishment to be profitable and competitive. We provide comprehensive training, support, restaurant operations, purchasing and marketing systems to minimize franchisee risk. We place a great deal of importance on system-wide procedures and operating standards to ensure store-level foodservice, food quality and operating efficiencies are maintained and continually improving.

One of the main mandates of HRII is to develop restaurant concepts that do not rely on abnormal economic conditions, specialized operating skills, narrow market niches and/or culinary trends to be viable. We have developed an operating system that allows the Company to implement and control standardized product purchasing, staff/franchisee training, restaurant operations, system-wide marketing and in-store/area management infrastructures and systems. Our objective is to place franchises in low-density/high traffic, outer-metro urban, small urban and rural market centres with high concentrations of lower to middle income families and business travelers.

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