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Why Humpty’s?
Humpty’s has invested a great deal of time and effort designing a franchise system and package that offers prospective franchisees the following operating and management advantages:

  1. Food, labour and occupancy costs that are kept within reason and enforced through various management and operating controls
  2. Ongoing training and re-training support for franchisees and staff
  3. Centralized purchasing, standardized operations and location inspections done on a regular basis
  4. Competitive monitoring of consumption trends and market opportunities
  5. Image and brand recognition through marketing, advertising and community service campaigns
  6. Growth management to ensure profitability is maintained

What is the role of Humpty’s Head Office?
Humpty’s Restaurants International Inc. maintains a corporate agenda that includes the following management services:

  1. Franchise development including multi-unit development agreements (negotiations, management and execution)
  2. Real estate negotiations to host franchise locations (financing, management and leasing)
  3. Corporate development including finance, investments and acquisitions
  4. Directing, implementing and following up with new and existing franchisees at their locations to oversee image, advertising and management styles

What is the advantage of opening a Humpty’s franchise?
The key elements of the success and benefits of our franchise operations are:
1) brand name recognition, 2) operating systems, and 3) ongoing support.

An instrumental part in all of this is the Humpty’s menu. The menu is our franchisees direct link with customers and other franchisees within the system. The Humpty’s menu, irrespective of its origins, has grown to become a very popular mix of Western food items distinguished by an extensive and unique selection of breakfast, lunch and dinner items served throughout all hours of operation. With some of the most competitive prices in the industry, and standardized product lines that have been proven and tested, the Humpty’s menu provides franchisees with a unique and attractive way to sell the business. The success that Humpty’s can offer can be measured by dollars and market share. As a Humpty’s franchisee you will be able to establish a recognizable name with consumers and within the foodservice industry as well. Being part of the Humpty’s franchise system allows franchisees the opportunity to gain the confidence of bankers, suppliers, landlords, and most importantly, the public. Our system represents an impeccable blend of opportunity and security.


How much are the franchise and royalty fees?
Franchisees pay an initial $45,000 franchisee fee as well as 5% royalty fees and 2% advertising fees.


What are the financial requirements to open a Humpty’s Restaurant?
The following is a typical financial schedule for an average 100 seat Humpty’s Family Restaurant. These costs are subject to the location, the landlord’s contributions and the type of operation.

  • Franchisee Fee: $45,000
  • Equipment Package: $150,000
  • Furniture and Fixtures: $150,000
  • Leasehold Improvements: $340,000
  • Opening Inventory: $18,000
  • Smallwares: $20,000
  • Security Deposits: $18,000
  • Miscellaneous Expenses: $20,000
  • Total Turn Key Cost: $771,000

Is there an accounting system in place for franchisees?
Humpty’s has designed a financial management and financial reporting system that is user friendly. Our accounting and finance department plays a key role in training all franchisees so they are well equipped to accurately report their financial performance to Head Office.


Can I sell my business?
At any time you can sell your Humpty’s Family Restaurant business. The Company has first right of refusal to purchase your business. Should the Company waive its right it will then assist you in your sale. The only stipulation is that the Company has to approve the purchaser.


Will I receive fair market value for my business?
The manner in which the franchisee manages their business prior to any sale will determine the selling price. Operating your business in an efficient and profitable manner will net increased value in any sale.


Can I own more than one Humpty’s Family Restaurant?
To own more than one location the Company prefers that equity partners are involved that can manage the additional locations. The equity could be as little as 5% however with this equity the Franchisee and the Company can be assured of more stable hands on management.


How can I get more information?
If you would like to learn more about joining the Humpty’s Family Restaurant system please contact:

Humpty’s Restaurants International Inc.
401 – 1901 Rosser Ave Burnaby, BC V5C 6R6

Attention: Stacey Hansson
Phone: (604) 637-8010
Email: [email protected]
Or fill out our online information request form.