Selection Process

Our Process

Prior to be awarding a franchise, each interested franchisee must have a personal net worth between $400,000 – $500,000 with a minimum $200,000 in liquid assets (cash) to invest in a new store. It is imperative that there is a desire and commitment to being an owner/operator as pride of ownership plays a key role in our brand power. Business experience is necessary however it does not need to relate to food or restaurants. Some retail experience is definitely an asset as dealing with the public on a daily basis can create challenges. In addition, a potential candidate needs to have a good understanding of retail business, accounting principles and excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Another important criteria is that the applicant have no other active business interest, as running a successful restaurant is a full time career.

The process of becoming a successful franchisee starts with the submission of our Confidential Personal and Business Report which tells us about your history and if you have met the net worth and liquidity qualifications. Based on our preliminary review of your qualifications and your geographical area of interest we will invite you to submit an application. Following approval, the appropriate Commitment Agreement or License will be issued and you will have to submit a $5,000.00 deposit (refundable if financial conditions are not met).

From here, site selection, construction/renovation and training will occur. As your store opens, we will execute your Franchise Agreement. Our experienced training and development team will assist you during the pre and post opening periods.

Important Considerations

  1. Are you able to meet the financial obligations?
  2. Do you have enough educational background to demonstrate your ability to learn?
  3. What other skills have you acquired (computers, accounting, self-management, etc.)?
  4. Will this be a family affair with support from home? How do they feel about the venture?
  5. Is your state of health and your energy level sufficient to meet the challenges of running a busy restaurant?
  6. Are you willing to relocate if a suitable location is not available in your area?
  7. Are you aware of the work involved? Do you have realistic goals?
  8. Are you a team player that’s excited about following a system?

We are excited and prepared to be your partner in success! Are you ready to be ours? Fill out an Interest Form today!